low cost sensor networks

I have built a number of custom solutions for automated, real-time streaming of environmental data from sensor-networks deployed in the field, directly to the web.

An older version of a groundwater observatory, which you can interact with here.
I'm currently working on a new lightweight, scalable groundwater observatory dashboard extensible enough to be easily applied to any low cost sensor network, written primarily in R, JS, HTML/CSS, and deployed on AWS (example below):
A groundwater observatory demo, which you can interact with here.

Although I emphasize groundwater monitoring to support implementation of California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, this tool is customizable and general enough to be applied to real-time data from any sensor.

For consulting inquiries, please contact me.
Rich Pauloo, PhD
Hydrologist and data scientist

My interests include hydrogeology, data science and web technologies, 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulation, building simple solutions to complex problems, and expedition behavior.