Rich Pauloo

PhD Candidate in Hydrogeology

University of California, Davis

About me

I'm currently a PhD Candidate studying physical hydrogeology at the University of California Davis with Dr. Graham Fogg. My research interests concern the monitoring and modeling of vast underground aquifers – finite water stores in the Earth's crust extracted for human consumption. Methodologically, I integrate tools from geostatistics, 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport, statistical/machine learning, optimization, calibration, and mathematical modeling to explain and forecast the behavior of hydrologic systems. I'm also fascinated by remote sensor networks, data science, data visualization/communication, and the power of open source software.

Before pursuing my PhD, I taught environmental science to middle and high school students in Yosemite and the Marin Headlands for the educational nonprofit NatureBridge, and spent summers leading expeditions in the wilderness, and in Thailand for National Geographic Student Expeditions. Those were some of the best years of my life. I learned how to work with tight knit groups of people for weeks on end, speak comfortably to large crowds, communicate science to diverse audiences, and improvise.

I love to learn new things, cook, play guitar, explore the alpine environment with a rope and harness, take bike tours, and catch waves in the cold California ocean.


  • 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulation
  • Mathematical modeling of hydrologic systems
  • Real-time, distributed sensor networks
  • Data science and open source software


  • PhD in Hydrogeology, 2020

    UC Davis

  • BS in Biology, minor in Conflict Resolution, 2011

    UC Berkeley



low cost sensor networks

Real-time sensor networks and dashboards for monitoring environmental data.

cal water quality .com

Automated water quality reports for > 3,000 California public water systems. 🏆 Winner 2019 California Water Data Challenge.

groundwater statement .org

Built a website that gathered > 1,000 signatories of leading groundwater scientists from ~100 countries in 1 month. The statement …

interpretable random forests

Cumulative variable importance.


Text yourself from R when long running jobs complete.

Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group

The official hsgg.ucdavis.edu webpage.

Tulare basin TDS

Groundwater quality data visualization.

CA well report filter

Upload a shapefile of a study area to return clean OSWCR data from that area.

CA well reports

Exploratory data analysis of California's Online State Well Completion Report Database.

Fatal landslide prediction

Using random forests, boosting, LDA, and QDA with variable probability thresholds for global landslide classification.


An adaptation of PapR to 30,000 American Geophysical Union abstracts.


A low cost, open source wireless sensor network for real-time groundwater monitoring

Population growth, climate uncertainties, and unsustainable groundwater pumping challenge aquifer sustainability worldwide. Existing …

Anthropogenic Basin Closure and Groundwater Salinization: An Unrecognized Threat to Water Quality Sustainability

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Hydraulic Gradients Modulate Non-Fickian Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media

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Assessing Impact of Outreach through Software Citation for Community Software in Geodynamics

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  • +1 415 275 4981
  • 1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616
  • Enter Veihmeyer Hall and take the stairs to Office 242 on Floor 2
  • DM Me